How to tell which colours suit you best: Brentwood image consultant shares style secrets

PUBLISHED: 15:00 19 July 2019

Photos from Claire Bannister, House of Colour

Photos from Claire Bannister, House of Colour


Colour consultant and personal stylist Claire Bannister explains how colours impact how you look and feel.

Photos from Claire Bannister, House of colourPhotos from Claire Bannister, House of colour

"In the first 90 seconds of meeting someone, you make very important first visual impressions," says House of Colour Stylist Claire Bannister.

You are likely to have heard this in careers or dating advice, but knowing this leads to a whole host of other questions about dress codes and appearance.

In her style and colour consultations Claire explains exactly how to make those 90 seconds count for you.

When her clients arrive they are invited to talk about why they came, what they currently wear and how they style themselves.

She then takes them through a spectrum of colours, using specially dyed scarves to analyse a person's skin colour and determine which colours suit them best.

"Your skin is either yellow-based or blue-based," she explains. Accordingly, her colour swabs are dyed with either a yellow or blue based dye. "Generally you suit colours that have the same base as your skin," she adds.

"So for example, geranium and burgundy are both red. But whereas geranium is more yellow and suits yellow skin tones better, burgundy contains more blue so looks better on complexions with a blue base."

When held next to your face, it quickly becomes evident which colours are right for you.

"The correct colours will highlight your best features, making your skin look younger and your eyes stand out nicely," Claire assures.

In her consultations she also offers style tips, advising clients on how to dress in the best way for their bone structure and personality.

She covers shape, cut, patterns and more. Her other services include wardrobe decluttering, makeup lessons and personal shopping assistance, for which she creates personalised Pinterest boards of suggested purchases tailored to each individual.

Her top tip for all and moto is: "Skim not cling; find clothes that skim over you rather than cling to your body." n

Claire Bannister is a House of Colour image consultant and personal stylist for Upminster, Brentwood and Shenfield

Contact her on claire.bannister@houseofcolour.co.uk or 07825698695

Visit houseofcolour.co.uk for more information.

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