10 facts about Brentwood’s twinning towns Roth, Bavaria, and Montbazon, France

PUBLISHED: 13:00 23 September 2018

The borough of Brentwood sign. Picture: Ken Mears

The borough of Brentwood sign. Picture: Ken Mears

Ken Mears

Since the 70s, the borough has had an international connection, giving residents the opportunity to visit both Bavaria and France and learn more about these wonderful places.

So here are just a few facts about these towns.

Roth in Bavaria. Picture: ?tefan JurcaRoth in Bavaria. Picture: ?tefan Jurca


1) Brentwood has been officially twinned with the German District of Roth in Bavaria since August 1978.

2) One of the main attractions is the 16th century castle the Schloss Ratibor which was originally built as a hunting lodge.

3) The town hosts an annual jazz and blues concert, a table tennis festival and marketplace tastings of wines from the area.

4) Lake Rothese, which is only 7km from the town, is a water sport paradise and its location is ideal for cyclists and hikers.

Montbazon, France.Montbazon, France.

5) Around 95pc of the population is German, more than 7,000 are Roman Catholic and there are a higher number of people aged between 40-49 living in the town.


1) A second town twinning link was forged by Brentwood with the French town of Montbazon on March 19 1994.

2) Montbazon is the main centre of a district of 19,500 people, compromising of five communities in the valley and two on the plateau.

3) The town is around 230km south of Paris and 10km south of the city Tours in the valley of the River Indre, just south of the Loire Valley and is a small picturesque town that was home to the writer Balzac.

4) In 991, friars of Cormery complained to the king that Fulk Nerra, lord of Anjou, was building a fortress in their land of Montbazon.

Fulk Nerra later became the lord of Montbazon in 997 when he was just 17-years-old.

The fortress is one of the oldest fortresses in France.

5) There are just four schools in the town.

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