Brentwood’s House of Horror: A combination of a ‘fantastical horror show, escape room and Crystal Maze’

PUBLISHED: 17:20 26 September 2018

House of Horror in Brentwood.

House of Horror in Brentwood.

House of Horror

Still rattling your brain for something to do to celebrate Halloween?

House of Horror in Brentwood.House of Horror in Brentwood.

Then look no further than this - House of Horror, a 4D immersive experience set in the middle of the woods nearby the Brentwood Leisure Park, Warley Gap, Warley, that is pretty much guaranteed to make you scream.

“I would say it’s a fantastical horror show, crossed with an escape room, Crystal Maze and a horror film”, said creative director Wayne Lennox.

“It really is great fun and if you’re someone that loves theatre and horror and unique experiences, then you don’t want to miss out on this.”

Those who dare to take on the House of Horror, will have to venture into 12 rooms where highly-trained actors are ready to take you through the twists and turns of different challenges in sets that wouldn’t look out of place in a blockbuster horror movie.

Life-long horror fan Wayne has been working on films, TV adverts and music videos for years but decided he wanted to create a whole new experience that people can get involved in.

So after coming up with a lot of ideas, new designs and three months of getting the abandoned building - which used to be a spa- his vision has finally been brought to life.

Wayme said: “The team who created all of this is absolutely fantastic, they’re incredible talented and put so much effort into putting it all together.

“I had to order a lot of pizzas to convince them to stay late to work but it was definitely worth it!”

With areas including Sci-Fi-Die, Krow Killers, and Medical Madness, you’ll join forces with up to 10 friends to see who can make it out alive! Should you survive the ordeal, you will have the choice to enter the mysterious Room 13.

A lot of the rooms also have a resemblance to some of the best-loved horror films of all time which is bound to terrify many.

But Wayne wants to reassure visitors that it is also fun and not just scary.

He said: “It will be a memorable experience but in the best possible way.

“A lot of hard work has gone into making it come to life and I think if you love horrors or anything theatrical or you just like a good night out, then come along because you’ll have a great time.”

House of Horror is open today, Friday, September 28 - Wednesday, October 31.

Tickets start at £25 but for more information, visit here

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