Children make a splash as Kelvedon Hatch outdoor nursery holds swimming lessons

PUBLISHED: 12:39 02 August 2019 | UPDATED: 12:39 02 August 2019

Hopscotch Outdoor Nursery, Kelvedon Hatch, took children swimming.

Hopscotch Outdoor Nursery, Kelvedon Hatch, took children swimming.

Hopscotch Outdoor Nursery

Hopscotch Outdoor Day Nursery has been busy keeping children active during the summer term with swimming lessons. Here’s how they got on!

We all know there's nothing children love more than to play with water and splash around in it in the heat.

The recent hot weather has been made much more bearable for children attending Hopscotch Outdoor Day Nursery in Kelvedon Hatch.

During the summer term, all the children who attend the nursery from babies to four-year-olds have once again had swimming lessons which has given them a chance to learn about safety in the water, and swimming techniques from a qualified swimming instructor each week in the school pool.

Not only have the children had lots of fun, but some of their parents and grandparents have also attended for a fun weekly session.

One of the grandparents who help out said: "Although it's not her usual day to come to nursery on a Monday, we have loved joining in with the swimming class and it has improved my granddaughter's confidence in the water so much.

"It is also nice that I can come along as a grandparent in a very safe environment.

"We have both really enjoyed it."

The swimming sessions consist of singing nursery rhymes, clapping, splashing and playing games in the water which the children find very enjoyable.

In addition and following their attendance at a recent National Day Nurseries conference, the management also decided to introduce the "Daily Mile" for all staff and children.

This is a 15 minute session every day during which every staff member and child in the nursery will go outside and run, hop, skip or jump around the field and experience the fresh air and exercise as vigorously as they can until they are out of breath.

It has been proven that this initiative will improve the children's fitness levels and hopefully introduce a love of running which will carry on into their later years.

Nursery manager Karen said; "It really is so lovely that all the children are offered this extra opportunity which is unique in our area. Everyone, including the staff, have really looked forward to Monday mornings and the swimming lessons.

"We even swam in the rain the other day which was a really different experience which you wouldn't usually get to do!

"The children have really gained confidence and it is so nice that they can come to the lesson and bring their mums and grans.

"It's a great intergenerational activity and the lessons have taught everyone about being safe in the water.

"Our swimming teacher Sarah has been amazing with everyone."

Registrations are now being taken for two, three and four-year-olds looking to start in September 2019 and beyond.

The nursery will be running a summer holiday club for children aged up to 11 during the holidays until Monday, September 1.

For more information about Hopscotch Day Nursery, contact Karen on 01277 372826 or visit here

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