Diary of a Drama Queen: Performer goes glamping with Chesney Hawkes for birthday

PUBLISHED: 12:29 17 June 2019 | UPDATED: 12:38 17 June 2019

Lesley Dunn with singer Chesney Hawkes.

Lesley Dunn with singer Chesney Hawkes.

Lesley Dunn

Godspell’s One and Only performer Lesley Dunn tells us more on how rehearsals are going and what happened on her glamping trip with Chesney Hawkes!

My husband John and I were not at Godspell rehearsals as it was my birthday weekend and as a special treat, he had arranged for us to go glamping for three days in leicester with Chesney Hawkes, "The One and Only" star of our show, with hundreds of other super fans.

We didn't waste our time as we travelled there as we had our Godspell CD on in the car and sang along most of the way, goodness knows what people thought when we kept stopping in traffic jams.

It was an amazing weekend and it was lovely to chat to Chesney about Godspell and he told me he was really looking forward to it, especially as it will be the first time his son Casey and him will perform together.

Nearly everyone I spoke to there said they are travelling down to see the show which was very pleasing.

June 8, 2019

We were back at rehearsals and I could feel a buzz because we were told Sam Callahan was going to come along to the rehearsal, which he did and was introduced to us as an ensemble.

He said he was very excited about the show.

We ran through from the beginning to the end and it was great to see everything fall into place.

Our musical director Peter Dayson has been wonderful with us, asking us to embrace our performances - he has challenged us but I have never felt overwhelmed, I have just loved every moment.

From "We Beseech Thee" a cheeky number to tears as Hope and Simon sing "Prepare Ye" my emotions went from laughter to impassion in minutes and then concentration as we juggled during our break.

I looked around and most people looked like professionals, maybe I needed to keep practising, note to self, stop laughing and start catching the balls!

I certainly don't want to hit Chesney with one!

This was our last rehearsal at Huttons Hall and the emotional ending left many of us with tears in our eyes (again) however from now on we will have the principles with us and I just can't wait.

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