Diary of a Drama Queen: Rehearsals in full swing for The Brentwood Centre’s Godspell

PUBLISHED: 17:00 24 May 2019

With just over a month until community show Godspell is to be performed at The Brentwood Centre, performer 67-year-old Lesley Dunn gives us an update on how the cast’s rehearsals are going.

One of my favourite things to start our rehearsals for Godspell the Musical is the vocal warm up because our musical director Peter Dayson always has us singing comical phrases and tongue twisters.

This time, he had us singing 'Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspurs' for his team - that's a bit cheeky!!

We recapped 'God Save the People' then 'Turn Back O Man' which is a tenebrous song, almost 'Rag Time vrs Honkey Tonk'! I think the audience are going to find this very interesting and very engaging.

Simon sung 'On the Willows' and when the sopranos joined in, it gave me goose bumps, it sounded amazing.

He was then joined by Hope to sing 'Long Live God' followed by 'Prepare Ye' and if this song isn't entrancing enough, as they sang together, it became almost magical.

Two of our other principles were also with us, Katie Allgood who sang 'By my Side' so beautifully and Stephen Gunshon who sings 'Light of The World' joined by us, the ensemble, singing 'Let's Have Some Wine', quite a favourite part for many!!

'Day by Day' next and each week one of our girls takes the lead to sing the beginning and helps us with our sign language, which we all have the hang of now.

The musical which is set in a circus is aimed at all ages and Peter taught us a song that the younger audience will definitely know and probably join in with, so there will be a few surprises on the way during the show.

A quick chat before we left about networking the show.

We are all doing something we love and it is essential we spread the word to share it with as many people as we can.

On the way home, we picked our grandson Bobby age nine up from Street Dancing.

He spotted my 1980s Walkman in the car. "What's that" he asks?

"It plays CDs so I am learning my songs for Godspell on it".

He pleads: "I want one of those new devices."

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