Do Good in Brentwood: Campaigner tells us how we can be more kind to each other as well as the environment

PUBLISHED: 12:00 05 November 2018

Get involved in spreading some kindness this month using #BrentwoodKind

Get involved in spreading some kindness this month using #BrentwoodKind

Villene Hyam

Ahead of World Kindness Day on November 13, campaigner Villene Hyam shares her ideas for good deeds as well as ways to be environmentally friendly.

Do Good in Brentwood campaigner Villene Hyam and president of the Brentwood Belles WI Jane Miles.Do Good in Brentwood campaigner Villene Hyam and president of the Brentwood Belles WI Jane Miles.

I have done a LOT of talking this month (even more than usual!)

First I attended assembly at the boys’ school to tell the children about Refill Brentwood and how we can all make small changes to cut down on our single use plastic.

I managed to incorporate William Shakespeare and David Attenborough into the presentation, plus a show and tell about some of the swaps we’ve been making at home.

A highlight was one of the children thinking our reusable food wrap was a treasure map. I guess I can see why!

I was also asked to speak at the Brentwood Belles WI meeting.

Through Do Good In Brentwood, I have already connected with some of the lovely ladies from the group who blog or run their own businesses, so I jumped at the chance to share some ideas with everyone else.

I suggested the following five activities for those who want to spread a little kindness, depending of course on the free time you have.

Why not give them a try and let me know how you get on?

1. Join the Brentwood CVS Time Bank scheme, where you can use your time and skills to help someone who needs it and then claim those hours back at a later date when you need some assistance yourself.

2. You could buy something for a child in care this Christmas.

The Brentwood Belles already support the Basildon Women’s Refuge but you could get involved with Chicken & Frog’s Give A Book collaboration with Children First Fostering Agency.

It’s really simple - just head to the shop from 3rd November, buy a book, and Natasha or Jim [of Chicken and Frog Bookshop] will do the rest to make sure it reaches a child in foster care this Christmas.

3. Start making some eco swaps - beeswax wraps (or treasure maps!) for cling film; bamboo toothbrushes for plastic; paper or stainless steel straws for plastic ones.

Or take your own cutlery out with you so you don’t have to use plastic on the go.

4. If you have time for a bigger commitment, think about the places you support or where you love to spend time and ask if they need any volunteers - charity shops, garden centres, parks. Not many places will turn down free help!

5. And finally, just go ahead and do a good deed!

It’s World Kindness Day on 13th November - the perfect excuse to do something nice and shout about it!

Check on a neighbour who you think might be lonely; go on a litter pick; support a small business; phone someone you haven’t spoken to in a while for a chat; buy somebody a small but thoughtful gift just because you feel like it; leave a kind note as a surprise for a someone; pay a stranger a compliment.

There are endless possibilities for spreading kindness, and most are free!

I’ll be using #BrentwoodKind over the next few weeks to track all your kindnesses, so get in touch, use the hashtag and Do Good In Brentwood!

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