Do Good in Brentwood: Campaigner wants to know about your experiences of random acts of kindness

PUBLISHED: 17:00 10 September 2018

Do Good in Brentwood logo.

Do Good in Brentwood logo.

Villene Hyam

Enjoy Brentwood More’s new monthly writer and campaigner Villene Hyam tells all about her mission to inspire kindness and recognise the good in the borough.

Cheer someone up with a message.Cheer someone up with a message.

Everyone loves a fact!

Are you aware that kindness reduces blood pressure? Did you know that carrying out an act of kindness can improve wellbeing and prevent loneliness?

Well, for those of you yet to stumble across my campaign on social media, Do Good in Brentwood ​is my mission to get us all being a little kinder to each other, ourselves, our community and our environment.

There are now more than 1,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and I’ll be writing for Enjoy Brentwood More ​every month.

Do Good in Brentwood campaigner Villene Hyam.Do Good in Brentwood campaigner Villene Hyam.

Come and join me on my journey to spread kindness in our local area!

One of the reasons for starting Do Good In Brentwood ​ was a lifelong habit of volunteering to help with projects.

From baby showers to hen parties, parent rotas to teachers’ collections, I’ve done it all and, much to people’s surprise, I’ve loved every minute! Last year I decided to combine my love of doing good deeds and my passion for our community to launch Do Good in


Help a bee in need!Help a bee in need!

I also want to show my young sons the importance of being kind.

They already give nice cuddles, they love saving bugs and caring for nature, and they write me and daddy kind little notes. But, like most brothers, they certainly aren’t always kind to each other.

I would like them to develop a kind attitude which becomes a habit that they can’t break. Already they get excited when they spot a paper straw instead of plastic as they know what harm they can do.

They appreciate that our community depends upon small businesses and they enjoy supporting the independents in our area. They are aware that their Beavers and Cubs activities just wouldn’t go ahead without a team of volunteers there to arrange. And they know that if they can pluck up the courage to pay someone a compliment, it makes that person feel special and gives them a warm feeling inside.

So my mission is taking shape at home and we would love it if you would join us.

Each month in this column, I’d like to give a shout out to someone who you think deserves a mention.

Perhaps you’ve been on the receiving end of a random act of kindness yourself?

Or maybe you just want to say thank you to someone who deserves recognition for a good deed, however big or small.

This campaign is all about the community, so I would love to hear from you!

To get in touch about your good deed experiences, visit the Do Good in Brentwood Facebook page.

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