Do Good in Brentwood: ‘There are plenty of superheroes in our community’

PUBLISHED: 12:00 01 October 2018

Do Good in Brentwood logo.

Do Good in Brentwood logo.

Villene Hyam

Enjoy Brentwood More’s new monthly writer and campaigner Villene Hyam tells all about her mission to inspire kindness and recognise the good in the borough.

Self care quote.Self care quote.

Well, what a busy month! When the boys returned to school in early September it marked the end of our Summer kindness campaign #SchoolsOutKind.

We managed to achieve all sorts of good deeds together in the holidays from donating to the food bank and making some eco swaps, to leaving kind notes in car parks and looking after nature.

We also picked blackberries with our friends the Russells which Will and Ava made into jam and donated to elderly residents in local sheltered housing. I must confess that my youngest enjoyed trying out the blackberries a little too much and his lips turned suspiciously purple!

I also encouraged the boys to be kind to themselves by keeping active, which isn’t always easy on those lazy summer days when there’s no school and the television or games console is calling.

Kindness isn’t just about doing things for other people - it can also mean thinking about yourself. We’ve just reached the end of #SelfCareSeptember and, whilst this is definitely an area for improvement personally, I am pleased to say that lots of people in our community are on the right track.

The Chicken & Frog Bookshop are offering adult ‘Mindfulness for Wellbeing’ classes on Mondays until October 15 and they are all totally free with no obligation to attend every session. Natasha and Jim are already superheroes in my eyes, so this is just another thing they’re offering to make our lives a little easier.

Whilst kindness is proven to benefit us in so many ways, crafting is also known to help those that suffer from anxiety and depression. It’s all to do with getting your brain working and immersing yourself in something that requires your creativity and full concentration.

Claire Mackaness, who runs Beautiful Things HQ, has been awarded funding to teach crochet skills to people from the borough who are suffering from mental health conditions. If you are keen to try this out, please get in touch with her.

Claire is another super motivated business woman in our community and she’s really passionate about giving back by offering things like this.

If you have some good news stories, or would like to tell me about people who need a pat on the back, please let me know. In the meantime, in the spirit of self care, I thought I’d share this quote which I spotted on Instagram last month.

It’s especially appropriate for me as I’m a social media manager and I feel like I’m constantly glued to my devices at the moment!:

‘Do more things that make you forget to check your phone’.

Give it a try, be kind to yourself, and let me know how you get on!

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