Q&A: Owner of Hopscotch Outdoor Nursery tells us what makes them so special

PUBLISHED: 12:00 16 August 2019 | UPDATED: 12:17 16 August 2019

Owner of Hopscotch Outdoor Nursery in Kelvedon Hatch, Liz Francis.

Owner of Hopscotch Outdoor Nursery in Kelvedon Hatch, Liz Francis.

Liz Breslin

Owner of Hopscotch Outdoor Nursery, which has been open for 16 years, Liz Francis tells us what she loves most about working with children and what makes them so special in the community.

What gave you the idea to set up Hopscotch?

I went back to work full time when my daughter was only three-months-old and left her at nursery.

As I left her, I used to think that it must be lovely to have all day every day to just play with the children instead of working in an office based job.

It wasn't until one of the nurseries I was using closed down suddenly at short notice that I was given a chance to use the building and set up as a full time nursery. That's how Hopscotch was born.

Have you always wanted to work with children and why?

A career in childcare was never on the agenda for me.

I had always worked in a finance related role and when I had the chance to open up the nursery I thought it would be a good chance to train in a new career.

How hard could it be, entertaining the children all day long?

In reality it was actually a very steep learning curve! Childcare is really hard work, but on the flip side it is very rewarding too.

What do you like about running the nursery?

The best bits are seeing the milestones which the children reach - when they take their first steps, start to talk, get through potty training and surprise themselves with things that they don't realise they are achieving.

We do so many fun things with the children which they may not have the chance to do otherwise and their excitement when you do something new with them is infectious.

What do you think makes Hopscotch special?

My ethos has always been that we are here to help parents with their childcare needs.

We have had exactly the same challenges as our parents are having now.

If you need an extra day of childcare or need longer hours on any day, then we are here to help you out if we possibly can. We don't have a minimum number of sessions that we require you to take per week, and will take children on at short notice if at all possible.

Why do you think parents should send their children to Hopscotch?

At Hopscotch the children will get to experience lots of different things like outings to the theatre, going on a bus and train, and visiting the fire station.

We try to do things which are a bit out of the ordinary for some children and which they might not otherwise encounter.

We are located on a very secure site at the back of the Kelvedon Hatch school and are open from 7.30am until 6pm, Monday to Friday, all year round.

We just love to work with children and see them develop their true potential.

Is there anything else that you would like to say about your nursery?

For more information about Hopscotch Outdoor Nursery, call 01277 372826, email enquiries@hopscotchdn.co.uk or visit hopscotchdn.co.uk.

Potential parents can visit any time.

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