Diary of a Drama Queen: Performer shares experience so far of rehearsals for The Brentwood Centre’s Godspell show

PUBLISHED: 12:45 23 April 2019

Performer Lesley Dunn with singer Chesney Hawkes who will be starring in the production of Godspell at The Brentwood Centre.

Performer Lesley Dunn with singer Chesney Hawkes who will be starring in the production of Godspell at The Brentwood Centre.

Lesley Dunn

As the countdown begins to The Brentwood Centre’s production of Godspell, enthusiastic performer 67-year-old Lesley Dunn will be sharing her experiences of what it’s like to work on a big stage community production.

We are halfway through our rehearsals for Godspell at The Brentwood Centre in June and I am still pinching myself as I can't believe I am going to be performing alongside Chesney Hawkes, X Factor's Sam Callahan and actors Nicole Faraday and Danny Rogers in this amazing musical along with another 50 plus people from the community.

We are having our usual vocal warm up which so important but fun as our director Peter Dayson has us singing comical tongue twisters.

I am OK until we sing 1.2.3/3.2.1 really fast and then I'm a bit lost!!

Peter is reading out the two week rehearsal schedule and I am feeling very excited - undeniably something amazing will come out of these Saturday mornings.

Whatever talent we have individually, there is a place for us in this production and I really appreciate it.

We are being taught how to sign Day By Day by our lovely ladies who have Down Syndrome and they are excellent teachers as we are picking it up and now adding the vocal's it is amazing.

I feel quite emotional as it personally feels heart-warming and looks incredible.

Onto Beautiful City which truly is a beautiful song that I can't wait to hear Chesney sing to us.

I feel so privileged that we will be able to sing this with him in front of the Godspell audience - I know they will love it, he was fabulous as Joseph [in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat] last year.

Time for a break now and many of us are practicing with our juggling balls while juggling a cup of tea and a doughnut supplied by Max, now that's dedication!!

Recapping All for The Best, we are having a sing off in two groups.

We are having so much fun I am sure the audience will enjoy it as much as we are.

We have fifteen minutes left to brush up on our circus skills and tap dancing - is it a hop and tap or a step ball change?? Guys - I might need more than fifteen minutes - guys!!!

Godspell is going to be performed at The Brentwood Centre on June 29 and 30.

If anyone would like to join rehearsals, email Lesley on Gerrysone@outlook.com and she will put you in touch with the producer Mark Reed.

You will be made very welcome and you will only do what you feel comfortable with.

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