Q&A: Headmistress of Ursuline Preparatory School Pauline Wilson

PUBLISHED: 12:00 25 January 2019 | UPDATED: 10:35 01 February 2019

As the school was on the verge of closing its doors for good, Pauline Wilson was one of the parents who stepped in to save it and later became headmistress of Ursuline Preparatory School.

She tells Enjoy Brentwood More how she came to work at the school and what she enjoys most about working with young children.

Headmistress of Ursuline Preparatory School Pauline Wilson.Headmistress of Ursuline Preparatory School Pauline Wilson.

What can you tell me about Ursuline Preparatory School?


The Ursuline Preparatory School has resided in the beautiful building of Old Great Ropers since 1994.

We have 180 pupils at present and 40+ members of staff.

Headmistress of Ursuline Preparatory School Pauline Wilson.Headmistress of Ursuline Preparatory School Pauline Wilson.

Considering the size of our school, we are very successful academically as well as in the field of sport, music and drama.

This has be reflected by our top 20 position in the Sunday times Parent Power listing again this year.


Growing up, did you always want to get into teaching? 


My initial ambition was to study law, but my teacher in sixth form persuaded me that teaching was my passion.


How did you come to be headmistress?


I was deputy head teacher and then headteacher in a large 11-18 comprehensive school in the state sector.

My daughter attended The Ursuline Preparatory School and the Ursuline order decided to close the school.

I joined three other parents to save the school.

After the headteacher left and we did not have any applicants to fill the post, I agreed to become headteacher.

We started with 58 pupils and within 18 months, the school was full, so we moved from the Grange to our present site.

You received an MBE a couple of years ago, congratulations! How did that make you feel?


I was amazed that I had been considered for such an honour of an MBE - I actually rang to confirm that it was the correct Pauline Wilson.


What has been the highlight of your career so far?


One of the highlights was the opening of our new school which has tremendously enhanced the facilities and resources offered to all the children in the school.


What do you like about working with young children?


I enjoy working with the children because they are honest, accepting and happy. They brighten every day.


What does 2019 look like for Ursuline?


My hope during 2019 is to retain the happy ethos of the school and to continue with our success within academia, sport and music.


For more information about the school visit here

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