Q&A: Mayor of Brentwood Sheila Murphy

PUBLISHED: 17:08 05 September 2018

Mayor of Brentwood, Councillor Sheila Murphy. Picture: Brentwood Borough Council

Mayor of Brentwood, Councillor Sheila Murphy. Picture: Brentwood Borough Council

Brentwood Borough Council

Sheila Murphy was elected as the next Mayor of Brentwood earlier this year to take over the role.

She tells Enjoy Brentwood More what she loves about the position and what she is most looking forward to.

What was your initial reaction when you realised you had been elected as mayor? And how do you feel about taking on the new role now?

When I was asked to become deputy mayor last year, I was honoured and completely surprised.

Now after some time as mayor, and I am absolutely enjoying every moment of it and proud to be representing Brentwood.

What do you hope to achieve during your time as mayor?

I am looking forward to going out in our community, shouting about how great Brentwood is and reaching people through all the varied events and invitations throughout the year.

What do you love about living and working in Brentwood?

It’s been my home for 32 years. It’s where I have worked and brought my family up, so it is very much my home.

I have always been community minded, that’s where my heart truly lies, and I believe we have a great community here in Brentwood.

You have been a trustee of the Herongate and Ingrave Preservation Society for 30 years – why do you think the work at the society is important/why is it special to you?

The village in which I live is a historic and special one. We need, conserve and retain all our records, pictures and artefacts for the future and for future use.

Why did you choose West Horndon Village Hall, The Brentwood and District Scouts and Brentwood Division Girlguiding and Wendy’s Kitchen to support as your chosen charities? How much are you hoping to raise?

My three charities are all based within the ward I have had the greatest pleasure to represent for the last seven years.

Small local charities by their nature do not have a very high profile, so my aim was to raise this and to help them in the process.

I don’t have a target fundraising amount in mind, but I will have a number of events to raise as much money as I can for these worthy causes.

What are you most looking forward to during the next year?

I want to connect and enjoy the role, but I am most looking forward to meeting people in the community and a lot of those who are behind the scenes at our events, our charities and our local groups.

It’s no secret that we have some fantastic people here in Brentwood who give their free time selflessly without expecting anything in return - without them and their support Brentwood would not be what it is.

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